Full Stack Engineer at Spatially (Seattle, WA)

You are already a full stack engineer, or looking to become one on your next gig. You have worked at scale, shipped, done some side projects, and are now looking for a real challenge and a great team to join.

Come join us as an integral member of a small but highly motivated and ambitious team to build and manage scalable and performance oriented software for an innovative spatial analytics company.

Our first product is a SaaS web mapping and analytics solution for businesses across the US. A few of the components that we use include Go, React, Javascript, Mesos, Node, Spark, Leaflet, Docker, Crate, Git and, of course, AWS.


  • Comfortable developing across the entire stack, or learning to. Quickly.
  • Take part in establishing and driving best practices and engineering practices geared towards shipping products.
  • Design, implement, and maintain software systems & infrastructure.
  • Refactor and improve maintainability of the codebase.
  • Solve complex scalability, platform, and integration problems.
  • Learn new paradigms, languages, and libraries as you work.
  • Build, manage & maintain multiple application environments, including production.
  • Manage systems and work in all aspects of the kanban driven software development lifecycle.
  • Work closely with Product and Data Science teams.