Frontend developer/architect for web-based mobility management applications at PTV Group – SISTeMA (Roma, Italy)

Job Description

Do you hate being stuck in traffic? We too! Would you like to be part of the solution?

We are the proud developers of PTV Optima, a software platform used by Traffic Control Centres all around the world. PTV Optima gets the current traffic state from different kind of sensors (cameras, inductive loops, floating car data, gps), collects all the events on the network and calculates a traffic forecast using advanced dynamic assignment models and data driven prediction techniques. With our products, we help cities to solve critical congestion problems, by setting traffic lights and vms, and we inform drivers about the fastest way to reach their destination, by feeding advanced route planners with the forecasted situation. The usage of big data to improve histotic and real-time prediction as well as the extension of Optima to public transport, multimodality and mobility as a service are our current fronteer.

PTV Group is hiring for its development centre PTV SISTeMA, located in Rome city centre, on a permanent position a mid-level frontend developer that can leverage emerging and cutting-edge UI/UX/DataViz techniques and technologies, bringing our solutions to the next level in terms of usability, user experience and reliability. Join our young team of developers, researchers and Ph.Ds.!

In this role you will:

  • join our team for both the research and implementation phases of advanced interaction strategies and interactive visualizations;
  • Participate in the development of web-based rich interactive applications for real-time mobility management and traffic control;
  • contribute to the architecture definition and technology choices based on the requirements for our new products;
  • work with product management and business development for the definition of requirements and desiderata;
  • show us any new exciting and cutting-edge technology, framework, pattern, etc. you have discovered, to boost the performance and the elegance of our code.

The perfect candidate must:

  • have at least a Bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering or similar
  • have a user-centered taste and perspective: an ugly and unusable GUI panel makes you sad and anxious to fix it;
  • have a proactive attitude, and be an innovator;
  • be creative, curious and open-minded;
  • be a problem solver – you are happy when you find a hack to fix a tricky problem;
  • be knowledge-thirsty – we want you to learn something new and improve yourself every day;
  • be advanced in written and spoken English.

Required Technical skills

  • at least 3 years of experience with and very good knowledge of (vanilla) JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3;
  • strong knowledge and experience with at least 2 of the following JS frameworks: AngularJS 1.x, Bootstrap, JQuery, ExtJS 4.x;
  • experience with JS-based task runners like Grunt;
  • strong knowledge of browser’s debugging environments: you are able to perform analysis, step-by-step debugging and – if needed – quick-and-dirty online “demolition” of any website both in terms of logic behavior and graphical appearance;
  • good knowledge of modern vcs (e.g. svn, git);
  • basic SQL knowledge.

It’s valuable for us if you to have

  • a Master degree in computer science, software engineering or similar;
  • knowledge of CSS preprocessors such as Sass or LESS;
  • knowledge of backend JS framework (e.g. NodeJS);
  • basic GIS knowledge (WMS/WFS standards, Geoserver), OpenLayers JS framework;
  • experience with SVG, data visualization techniques and JS frameworks such as D3.js and Raphaël;
  • basic knowledge of WebGL and 3D JS frameworks (e.g. three.js);
  • basic knowledge of PostgreSQL db;
  • knowledge of JS testing techniques and tools such as Jasmine and Karma;
  • experience with continuous deployment tools such as Jenkins and code-review platforms (e.g. Crucible).

The PTV Group ( provides software and consulting services for transport, logistics and geomarketing. Be it transport routes or sales structures, private or public transport – we plan and optimise everything which moves people and goods worldwide.

Our range of products and services includes Software, Services, Data, Consulting & Research. 2.500 customers located in more than 110 countries rely on our solutions. PTV is the world market leader in the field strategic transport planning and traffic simulation. PTV is also one of the most established players in the field of logistics route and trip planning.

Scientific expertise is one of our particular strengths. We currently have over 600 employees worldwide crafting powerful and innovative solutions. Our head office is located in the technology region of Karlsruhe, Germany, since the formation of our company in 1979.

PTV SISTeMA ( is the PTV Group development centre for traffic management, control and infomobility applications. From the single traffic estimation component to the complete turnkey traffic management system, PTV SISTeMA offers outstanding expertise, international scientific excellence and a strong innovation oriented approach to face successfully the most challenging projects.