Treepedia mapping project by MIT will tell you how green is your city

Trees make cities healthier and more livable. They help mitigate extreme temperatures, provide a natural respite from traffic, noise, and congestion, and improve the quality of life for those living in urban environments. They are a key part of any urban space but how to assess that your city is green enough? In order to do … [Read more…]

planlauf/TERRAIN – a lightweight 3D DEM viewer for daily usage

16. January 2017 3D DEM DOM Software terrain data The visualization and interpolation of 3D terrain (point) data (DEM or DOM) could be a hard task for current GIS software and small to midsize hardware. One thing is the huge possible amount of points and their precision when it comes to airborne or terrestrial LIDAR … [Read more…]

Zika virus: Endemic and epidemic ranges of Aedes mosquito transmission

Journal of Infection and Public Health, Volume 10, Issue 1, January–February 2017, Pages 120–123 By David F. Attaway, Nigel M. Waters, Estella M. Geraghty, and Kathryn H. Jacobsen “As evidence linking Zika virus with serious health complications strengthens, public health officials and clinicians worldwide need to know which locations are likely to be at risk … [Read more…]

These amazing maps show secret life of animals tracked with technology

Geographer James Cheshire and designer Oliver Uberti have recently published an amazing book called Where the Animals Go. It is composed of 50 maps that shows a secret life of wild animals captured with GPS trackers, satellites, camera traps, drones, and other tools. The data were gathered from scientists from all around the world and beautifully … [Read more…]

Azimuthal Projection: Orthographic, Stereographic and Gnomonic

Azimuthal Projection Examples The azimuthal projection plots the surface of Earth using a flat plane. Imagine light rays radiating from a source following straight lines. Those light rays intercept the globe onto a plane at various angles. The light source can be emitted from different positions developing different azimuthal map projections. Some of the common … [Read more…]

Map your family tree with Gramps and QGIS – how to digitize and visualize genealogy data

3. January 2017 family tree genealogy Gramps QGis visualization As I realized that I have a really huge family I was keen to digitize the current family tree and get into contact to my relatives. For getting things done, I choose the open source genealogy software Gramps to record all offline information about my family … [Read more…]

JuxtaposeJS and the Death (and Re-Birth) of Bogoslof Island

2. January 2017 Bogoslof island eruption image image slider juxtapose SAR sentinel-1 slider volcano This post is just a quick update on a unique event unfolding in my home state of Alaska and a cool new tool to help you post image sliders on the web.  First, let’s start with the event. The Eruption of Bogoslof … [Read more…]

The Atom Code Editor

29. December 2016 code editor source code Tools There is this time of the year when the presents are unboxed and the new year hasn’t started yet, when a lot of people (including me) find some time for tinkering on personal projects. And I guess I am not the only one around here who is … [Read more…]

This amazing map shows shadows of New York City

Every GeoGeek knows the Urban Canyon phenomena that affects GPS signal in the cities with narrow streets and high buildings. But the fact that cities are growing up influences also the amount of sun that reaches the street level. New York Times has recently published an amazing map which is a comprehensive shadow study of … [Read more…]

Geospatial cloud solutions: Software-as-a-Service vs Roll-your-own

22. December 2016 cloud comparison database SaaS Software Software-as-a-Service Over the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in demand and offerings of geospatial solutions in the cloud for tasks like web map creation, centralized data storage and management, data vizualization and so on. There is a lot of Software-as-a-service (SaaS) options to … [Read more…]