How 3D GIS is a becoming a window to an Interconnected Future?

One of the most actual developments in the world of geospatial technologies is a growing interest and a need for a cloud based 3D mapping solutions. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being generated every day, and a large portion of this data is location-based, and that includes 3D information. Traditional GIS, including the increasingly … [Read more…]

Mapping tribal burial grounds in New Zealand

Last year during GIS Day Contest, many interesting and noble project ideas on improving communities throughout the world were sent to GIS Cloud. However, the goal set by a Maori tribe descendants (Delaraine Armstrong, Betty Cherrington and  Margaret Tipene), to map burial grounds of their ancestors, was a new and unique application of GIS Cloud … [Read more…]

Offline Maps and Field Data Collection in the era of Mobile Internet

On June 30, 2016, Internet Usage and World Population Statistics revealed the worldwide internet population growth of 900% for the period of 2000-2016. At the same time, internet coverage statistics vary from country to country. If we talk about mobile internet coverage, according to The World in 2011 ICT Facts and Figures, “90% of the … [Read more…]